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Manao Software is an outsourcing software development company established in 2007, operating in Thailand for over 15 years.

We offer both project-based and dedicated teams for the following services:

  • Outsourced software development  
  • Web app development  
  • Mobile app development  
  • Outsourced software testing  
  • Web application penetration testing

You can find more information about our software development company and services here:

Our rates depend on the project’s needs and requirements. Our outsourced development teams range between  THB 600  to THB 2200 per hour, based on the role and experience level.

We develop custom web and mobile applications based on your specific needs and requirements. This requires a high level of collaboration between our clients and our web development team to ensure clear and structured guidance throughout the development process. The engagement process typically involves initial consultations to gather requirements, followed by detailed project planning and scoping, the delivery of a pricing proposal, signing of the development agreement, and project delivery.

The process at our software development company is as follows:  

  1. Discovery phase
  2. Requirement gathering 
  3. UX/UI design
  4. Solution architecture
  5. Implementation and development
  6. Quality assurance 
  7. Deployment
  8. Maintenance and support

We are a software house in Thailand with expertise that is more focused on the Financial Services and Logistics industries.

We specialise in various technologies and programming languages, including:

Web application development: ASP.NET Core, Node.js, React.js, and Angular

Mobile application development: React Native, Flutter, native iOS, and native Android

Cloud infrastructure development: Azure, AWS, and Google Firebase

Our technology expertise also includes Visual Studio, Adobe XD, and Figma.

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To maintain close collaboration and transparency, we use various communication tools so clients can easily reach our team of custom software developers. This includes email, MS Teams, Slack, Line, Whatsapp, Telegram, and other appropriate messaging platforms.

With over 15 years as a web and mobile app development company, we have worked with clients from various industries. Check out our success stories here

At Manao Software, we believe in providing our clients with the best possible software solutions while ensuring transparency and collaboration throughout the development process. That’s why we have adopted the Agile Scrum methodology as our preferred approach for managing projects. You can explore more about our company’s software development approach from this link:

We’re happy to make adjustments for you along the way at no charge. And for more significant changes, we have a zero-headache process for handling change requests. You can learn more about our engagement model from this link:

As a software house, we offer QA testing services with carefully selected, ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) certified software testers. Our testers are systematic, detail-oriented, structured, and methodical when testing software for defects. 

QA testing is essential to our development process to determine flaws, eliminate bugs, and improve the software’s performance and user experience. You can learn more about this service here:

As a leading software development company, our data is backed up, and our source code is stored in an advanced source control system. We use tasktracking software to make sure we never drop the ball. We build quality at every level, from software architecture and code to graphic design, using the best procedures and tools.

When you choose our custom software development company, our onboarding process starts by gathering requirements to understand your specific needs and designing a concrete plan to address them. We then keep the customer informed at every stage of the process, from the beginning of the sprint to the final project delivery.

Our post-project maintenance and support services are designed to provide peace of mind and uninterrupted functionality. Our app development company offers an optional Maintenance Agreement to be added to the project, subject to an annual maintenance fee, which provides you with: 

  • Continuous monitoring and issue resolution  
  • Regular updates and enhancements 
  • Helpdesk and technical support  
  • Security and data protection 
  • Performance optimisation

Our team of custom software developers normally has a daily scrum session. Some projects may require daily updates, while others may need weekly updates. We’ll adjust our processes according to our clients’ requirements.

This depends on the project’s needs. However, we normally have a sprint demo with the client on the last day of the sprint to get their feedback.

We address issues as soon as we can, depending on the project type:  

  • For project-based development, we have a 90-day warranty after the client accepts the product. Addressing issues found after the warranty period may be subject to a service charge. 
  • For dedicated teams, they can handle the problem within the duration of the project at no extra charge. A service charge may be incurred beyond the project duration.

Please share a description of the app, how it would function, and its features to enable us to give you a price quotation. As a custom mobile app development company, our prices depend on the requirements and complexity of the project. However, to give you an indication of the price levels, we have created the following guidelines:

Simple app for iOS and Android: USD 3,000 to 5,000

Medium complex app for iOS and Android: USD 5,000 to 15,000

Complex app for iOS and Android: USD 15,000 to 50,000    

To learn more about our mobile app development and costs, go to

The price for our web app development services depends on project size and complexity. Please share a description of the app, how it would function, and its features to enable us to give you a price quotation. However, to give you an indication of the price levels, we have created the following guidelines

Simple app: THB 300,000 – 1,000,000

Medium complex app: THB 1,000,000 – 4,000,000

Large complex app: from THB 4,000,000

For our outsourced software QA testing service, rates range from THB 500 – THB 1,300 per hour, depending on the role and experience level of the QA testers.

For our website penetration testing service, the price depends on the scope and complexity of the web application and any special requirements you might have. The starting price for a single web application with less than 25 types of dynamic pages and one (1) type of authentication is THB 180,000-200,000

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