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15 grunde til at vælge Manao Software som din digitale partner

Så behøver du ikke lede efter dem selv 😉


Ingen hovedpine

e ae helped out quite a few customers who got burnt after making the wrong choice before coming to us. Our goal is simple: Zero headaches for our customers. We continuously work to simplify the complexity of software development to take the stress out of the process.


Expat-Owned Company

When our founder and CEO came from Denmark to start Manao Software in Thailand, he brought with him a Danish sense of quality and craftmanship which is firmly embedded in the DNA of the company even to this day. Danish furniture is known around the world for its elegant and simple design combined with user-friendliness and long-lasting quality. We aim to deliver the same characteristics with every web application and mobile app we develop.


Boutique Software Company

With a team of 140 software development professionals, our company is neither too small nor too big. We are big enough that we have a long track record as a stable and mature company that can successfully deliver projects of any complexity. And we are small enough that every customer is important to us. You can be sure that we aim to make your project the next five-star success story in our portfolio.


Extensive Experience

With over 16 years of experience in design and development of web applications and mobile apps, we have gained a deep understanding of the software development craft which we apply directly to your project.


Unique Solutions

Even though some companies might seem identical from the outside, the reality is that companies are unique, just like people. That’s why we create customized software solutions that match your unique requirements.


Less Expensive Than You Thought

We are committed to making realistic project estimates, so there are no unpleasant surprises waiting down the line. Besides, the lower cost of living in our location allows us to offer you very reasonable rates without compromising on quality. To give you an indication, our hourly rates start at $40.


Professional Project Management

You get direct communication with your dedicated point of contact who is the Project Manager of your project and who knows all about your solution. We use the industry standard Agile/Scrum as our preferred project management methodology.


Focus on Collaboration

We prefer close collaboration with our customers from start to finish. We listen to your ideas and feedback, and continuously involve you in the software development process to ensure the end result fulfills your requirements completely.


Professional Advice

We share our expertise and recommendations during the software development process to achieve the optimal end results. This is not our first rodeo, so we know a few things about what works well and what doesn’t. Also, we are not afraid of challenging our customers’ ideas. Not because we think we know better, but because multiple perspectives lead to the best outcome.


Narrow Technological Focus

Our strategy is to focus on a limited number of technologies to rapidly build up experience and true expertise. We do not want to be a jack of all trades, and master of none. We would rather be a master of some.


We Recycle

… software, that is. Vi maintain reusable solution templates for both web applications and mobile apps that help us get started on your project quicker, because most of the boilerplate functionality is already done. That means we can focus on developing the parts that differentiate your solution, making us more productive and saving you both time and money.


Flexible Pricing

We offer fixed price billing, hourly billing, and monthly billing for long-term engagements. You can choose what works best for you.


Responsive Communication

No-one likes to be left hanging. Vi will reply to you within one workday, and you can always reach us by phone. And when it comes to quoting projects, we start estimating immediately when we receive your requirements.



One of our core values is transparency, and that means we tell it to you straight – even if it’s bad news. Software development is complex work, and we believe approaching problems head-on together with you is the most effective way to solve them.


Low Employee Turnover

We invest in our employees, and they love working here. With a very low turnover rate, our employees are here to stay. For you, that means when you are ready to make version 2.0 of your web application or mobile app, then it’s likely that the original development team members are still here to continue their work on it.

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