What Are Software Development Services Used for, and Why Is it Needed?

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Most good software ideas are only ideas. They represent a prize or goal at the end of the road. But that road may be long and complicated to negotiate. It may take unforeseen twists and turns before reaching its goal. Many companies are finding they simply don’t have people skilled in software development in their IT departments. These days, more companies are turning to outsourced software development services to fill their software needs.

What is Software Development?

Business software development includes designing, planning, assigning tasks, creating, deploying, and supporting software. Many people aren’t aware of the size and scope of the job involved in creating a single piece of software. 

Depending on what the software will be used for, software development is generally conducted by software engineers, programmers, and software developers. The definitions of these jobs may be purposefully blurry and adaptable to fit the task at hand. The dynamics in how they work with each other also have to be fluid. They have a goal to reach by whatever means they need to employ. 

Each person working on a piece of software has to fully understand the working parameters of the software and know how to make it accomplish what it’s supposed to. They also need to explicitly understand the roles assigned to them to avoid confusion or duplication of tasks. 

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4 Key Factors Driving Software Development Outsourcing

The need for an experienced and organized team to develop specific programs and applications has led many managers to turn to outsourcing to solve their custom software needs. These needs may be compounded by a few factors:

  • Urgency
  • Not enough tech-knowledgeable staff
  • Problems with turnover and recruiting the right people
  • A need to focus on the company’s core business

Urgency is the main reason why managers outsource software development. They want to fill the need as fast as they can and hope that professional software developers can quickly develop the program or app.

Not having enough experience and knowledge about programming is the second reason. Inexperienced programmers, developers, and engineers may not realize what it takes to develop a trouble-free program, and this tends to cause problems when the program is eventually put into use.

Finally, the need to have a company’s employees focus on something other than the core business can be dangerous and costly for a company.

There is a need to hire an experienced development team that understands the goal of the program and can see it through to its conclusion without losing focus. Outsourcing can provide a fresh perspective that allows the holes in an idea to be easily spotted. It also allows experts to quickly achieve what may take you years to complete.

However, outsourcing a complicated and custom program has problems of its own. Too many outsourcing companies offer speed in developing your idea into a program, only to have a program that’s full of bugs and errors and very little follow-up to fix them.

The problem with many inexperienced software development outsourcing companies is that winning the project is their prime goal, without considering whether they should even attempt the job. Too many software companies fall into the category of “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” They’ve attained a certain level of experience and knowledge, and they’ve let this knowledge overcome their common sense. They take on projects that are way over their heads and often fall short of their client’s expectations.

Om Manao Software

Manao Software is a refreshing alternative to the bad reputation that outsourcing has received. We can save you from bad outsourcing companies. We can also help you have more time to focus on your core business while we take care of your software development. We can deliver your custom software needs at a reasonable and affordable price. We can provide software in a multi-language format of English, Danish, and Thai.

At Manao Software, our first job is to listen and understand the scope of your needs. Once we understand them, we’ll create a practical and logical software solution that achieves your goals.

Manao Software is the leading provider of custom software in Bangkok, and we can support all your business software development needs. We apply a dedicated team to work with you and establish a rewarding relationship that answers any questions you may have. Our team of software experts can transform your dreams into reality by creating custom software from scratch. We maintain a high level of responsibility, quality, and transparency. You can trust us to handle any issues that arise and keep you informed and up-to-date on the progress of your software as we develop several milestones to achieve.

We can be your supportive, go-to outsourcing partner whenever you need the services of an entire software team or just a few key people to resolve a particular software problem. With us, you can always be sure that your software needs are in the right hands, and we’ll always be available.

When you partner with Manao Software, we’ll continue to meet the capacity of your company’s needs. There won’t be any need to involve HR as we will be an approved and frequent vendor, and the knowledge transfer will be smooth and within the transfer period required by you.

Get acquainted with a company that makes a point to listen, understand, and respond to your requirements. Contact Manao Software for your software development needs.

Not sure what you need?

Feel free to reach out, so we can help you figure out what type of service best suits your business.

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